What is the development environment for Clear Linux?

I am a new user of Clear Linux - I have installed and am trying to get familiar with it, here is a question which I cannot find in the official web page: What is the development environment for Clear Linux? Can we develop on one normal machine like Ubuntu and run the program on Clear Linux target?

Compiling on one Linux distribution and running the compiled program on another Linux distro is normally not supported, by ANY Linux distribution. Even across major versions of the same distribution it is not often supported. Check the policies for each distribution to find out more.

This is about where you compile your code. You can develop on any distribution or OS, so long as you compile the software on the distribution you want to run it on. Clear Linux only supports software that was compiled on Clear Linux (that doesn’t mean it won’t work: it just means it’s not supported and you will have to do the testing yourself). Most applications compiled within the past year on Clear Linux will run on current versions of Clear and if you find an issue, please let us know.


The autospec / mixer toolchain is rather large, but for people who want to run software not yet packaged, it’s probably worth installing and learning. I’m going down that path, partly out of frustration with missing dependencies for R packages and missing capabilities in the GIS stack.

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