Bundle vs Flatpak

Does the community have a preference if an app is available in both formats? Potentially would a Flatpak app be more supported than a bundle? I’ve see the benefits of both but wondered what you all are more likely to use.



I think the bundles do have optimizations for speed and also would be auto-updated and tested to work within CL.

flatpaks have benefits to allow 3rd party libraries (VNC) but also can be crippled (Visual Studio Code) or outdated (Skype). Plus its its a third software management system besided manual and bundles. It gets too much.

The perfect world would be more fine grained bundles for quick deployments and an apt style single package system for those who like to manage every single package themself.

Currently its odd that we have to install a game bundle to get a simple tool working …
We should not focus on more package managers, but the bundle system is the biggest weakness of CL and that needs to be fixed to be equal with any other major distribution.

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I personally prefer the bundles because of the optimizations and use flatpak when there is no alternative(Would be nice to have a flatpak repo with optimized software).

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