Can i open .exe files in clearlinux? System requirements?

In other linux distributions, this is not possible without wine. is it possible now? For example, can I open a portable .exe file and .dll files without installation?

My other question is system requirements. The computer I have is Intel pentium dual core 2.00 GHz. It has 1 GB RAM and 150 GB HDD. What performance should I expect?

No unless I’m greatly mistaken, CL as other Linux distros will require wine.

As for performance with your setup , the real question is does it meet the minimum requirements to run CL ?

sudo swupd bundle-add wine - Windows executables may or may not work. Many are not wine compatible. Check for information about which applications work and which ones do not.

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Without wine? if its not possible, i will download windows

No Linux OS can do this without wine, period.

Can open APK files? (Pubg mobile vs)

You can open APK files in file-roller. Just give it a try. the unzip command also opens them.

If you mean “open” in term of run/execute, then no, not without an emulator.