Can't seem to install anything on Clear Linux in live mode due to lack of space

I have a 64 GB USB Drive and I have used baleneEtcher to format the USB drive. There seems to be a lack of space or something cause I can’t seem to install Chromium at all via this method due to a lack of space.

Using the same USB drive and using balenaEtcher, I have not had this issue when I formated other distros onto it. Any idea how to solve this?

The partition isn’t automatically grown to account for the extra free space. At this time I don’t think there is an easy solution for that.

Does this apply to other distros as well?

What if I used another flashing program such as Rufus over balenaEtcher, would that work?

I don’t know. Technically I think it should be possible, but that sort of thing is generally not trivial - especially since a compressed overlay filesystem is used here - it’s just complex.

No, it has nothing to do with that.

Ah I see. So then in live mode with other distros, when I install a package, where does it exactly get installed?