A program for burning a distribution onto a multiboot flash drive

Hi everyone! How can I burn a distribution onto a multiboot flash drive? Ventoy and Rufus interrupt the installation at the very beginning

The one we document for creating a Clear Linux boot USB drive is Balena Etcher - balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives. But I don’t know how or if it handles multiboot flash drives.

Edit - fixed typo and added a link.


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Thanks for your reply! I’ll try to use this

Hi Jerome_Stull,

I use MultiBootUSB : it works perfect …

You can install multiple LiveUSB and even Add LiveUSB or remove LiveUSB later on.
You can Add also Writable Remanent Partitions to work on it …


This may be work :

wget "https://rpmfind.net/linux/openmandriva/cooker/repository/x86_64/main/release/multibootusb-9.2.0-4-omv4090.x86_64.rpm";

 rpm2archive multibootusb-9.2.0-4-omv4090.x86_64.rpm;
 tar xvf multibootusb-9.2.0-4-omv4090.x86_64.rpm.tgz -C / ;

Perso I use MultiBootUSB on SOLUS :

It is very simple and User Friendly