Chromium-based browsers hardware acceleration does not work even when on

It doesn’t seem to matter if I am using Clear Linux, or any other distros out there whether it’d be Arch or Debain based, if I installed chromium or chromium based application or even electron application, it doesn’t use hardware acceleration, even though the setting is enabled in the browser.

The only way to get it to work is to enable some gpu related flags through chrome://flags

So how come this is the case? On Windows 10 (on the same PC), this is not an issue at all, so I am not too sure why this happens on Linux on any distro?

I think Google doesn’t provide proper hardware acceleration support for Linux in general, but you can enable it with some workarounds:

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Is it an issue for you guys as well?

To be frank, while I don’t have a bad experience with Linux in general, but it’s not perfect either.

I have some issues too, I never bothered with enabling hardware acceleration because it just works well enough without it and I don’t have much free time to spend fixing it.

Granted, my CPU usage spikes high when I play Youtube videos, but my CPU seems to have enough power for 720p playback, since the playback goes smoothly. And I don’t even have a strong CPU, it’s an old weak Celeron N2806… In a netbook. Considering that my display is 768p, then the playback quality is good enough.

Another issue I have is that my Wi-Fi drivers aren’t the best, in fact, I have a PCI-E combo card that combines Bluetooth + Wi-Fi, and I can’t use both at the same time because Bluetooth devices kills my Wi-Fi connection, not sure if it’s a hardware related issue or software issue, I was going to try that on Windows 10 just to confirm, or teardown the netbook to see if maybe the antenna has moved inside or something, but again, not much time available for me, and it’s not a deal breaker for me (my internet speeds also sucks here, my phone gets around 50Mbps of download speed Wi-Fi while my CL Netbook downloads at just 10Mbps on the same Wi-Fi… But again, despite being terrible, it just works).

My suggestion is that you can search the net to see if someone has the same issue than yours and try to apply multiple solutions, if none of them work, then you can ask here or in the place where you consider appropriate for your distro, I plan on trying to fix my issues maybe in the future when I have more free time and don’t have to spend the whole day studying lol.

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