Clean install - Problem with Firefox

Hi guys, just done a clean install of Clear Linux, everything’s perfect apart from Firefox, it’s fine with the default Homepage but if I set my homepage to Google as I normally do I get the following error screen.

did not connect : potential security issue

Any ideas?

Can you share the full message? There are a variety of “potential security issue” messages FF can throw.

A couple things that have caused this for me are a system with the wrong time set or being on a network that is manipulating SSL connections, like a captive portal.

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Hi Puneetse, thanks for your reply. The date and time are set correctly on my pc and the only network I am connected to is my internet provider. I’ve discovered that if I hit the refresh button a couple of times it will sometimes load the page without error. Just for your information, this error doesn’t occur with any other Linux distro on my machine. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error message for you. Many thanks.
Regards, Brian Jamieson.