Internet Browser Network Issue

Yesterday I installed Clear Linux and since then I have a lot of problems with connecting to the internet from web browsers.
Be it Chrome, Brave or Firefox, they all take a long time to open any page but, nevertheless, Spotify and other programs that use the internet, work correctly.
I would appreciate any help, thanks.
EDIT: It is really strange because some URL (like DuckDuckGo, ClearLinux or ProtonMail) work well but not same for Youtube, Google or other webs.

Just of curiosity how do you get chrome and brave.

I just followed the steps of this post for Chrome Installing Google Chrome on Clear Linux*
And for Brave I read this:Installing Brave Browser on Clear Linux*

So, I used DNF/RPM method

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Well there can be many causes for slow connection. I’d try changing to a different DNS first. Like

Didn’t firefox switch to DoH recently?

It should have, in US.

I updated to 32640 and all Chromium based browsers decided to throw fits. Firefox works fine, but the rest gave me errors left and right. Internet connectivity on them is shot currently.

What is your network environment?

Thank you everybody, but I solved the problem.
I just update to the newest version of Clear Linux and now works perfectly! I don’t really know what was the cause of the problem, but seems solved :slight_smile: