Firefox startup is 'past' slow

I did search for ‘slow firefox’ and didn’t really find a clue to help. So, bear with me?

Running Clear Linux in VMware Player on Ubuntu 22.04. Want to get a feel for, and familiar with, Clear. Fine?

Had very slow Firefox activation when I first tried. So, I waited a week. Just did ‘swupd update’ and am now at current version 36620. Started system-monitor and there is no further network activity.

Clicked on ‘Activities’ and then opened Firefox. Used ‘date’ in a terminal window to get rough timing. It took 4:50 to open Firerfox. That’s four MINUTES and 50 seconds.

Everything else feels ‘snappy’ as expected. Using Firefox, once open, is appropriately brisk and snappy.

I have a setting wrong? I have failed to initialize something?

Guidance appreciated.

It runs fine while installed as native. I use old machine and it take around 15 second to completely loaded.

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A little more info: Base system is 16GB mem i5-8300H CPU with 4 cores & 8 threads. The Clear OS in a VM has 4GB mem and 2 CPUs. ‘System-monitor’ on the Clear VM shows no other CPU or network activity. There is no other activity on the base Ubuntu OS/system while waiting the 5 minutes for FireFox. Something is blocking it, perhaps? I just don’t know which log or what to look for. Any guidance appreciated.
Starting FireFox on the base bare metal (Ubuntu) OS - 4 seconds
Starting FireFox on Ubuntu (in a 3GB, 2CPU VM) - 4.3 seconds
Starting FireFox on Linux Cinnamon (in a 3GB 2CPU VM) - 5 seconds

So… 5 mintes starting FireFox on Clear in a VM has me stumped.


TY for the suggestion.
I tried ‘export MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1’ and also “0”. Neither helped. Firefox took 5 and 6 minutes to start, respectively.
And… Thank you.

You could start with journalctl. Try ‘journalctl _COMM=firefox-bin’, and if that doesn’t give much start up ‘journalct -f’ in a terminal window and then start Firefox to see what’s happening when you do that.