Clear Linux very slow on Dell Latitude 5400 (Intel Core i7 8th gen)

Hello @all,

i use clear linux on my dell latitude. In the beginning the system was very fast. After installing a few apps, nothing special, docker, chrome, vscode, the system is very slow even if none of the app processes are running.

Starting any App take seconds. For Example opening system preferences. Chrome, Firefox etc. are very slow (web an App)

How can i detect the cause of it? Are there any issues known with my setup? Which logs would watch?

Sorry for being unspecific, but i have no clue where to start.

VSCode and Chrome are not available from official repo. How do you install them?

If they’re flatpak packages, theoretically they’s take a bit longer to launch. But usually it won’t be very long.

It also worth mentioning some “background” syncing services, e.g. Dropbox, take a lot of resources especially when they’re newly installed. That’s because they may spawn many threads for download files, and computing hashes.

In any case, you can use htop to view what’s taking up most of your CPU.

thx for your help

I installed chrome this way:

and vscode this way:

I’ll watch htop for a while and will post my findings.

In the meantime, how about you temporarily quiting those apps you recently installed, and then launch them one by one, to see if any of them greatly decrease the performance?

Currently, nothing looks strange to me. Do you feel it slow already?

You can run:

pstree <PID_ID>
Where PID_ID is the PID of gnome-shell. In your case 1488.

The program will show info about other processes that uses gnome-shell.

Try closing them one by one and see what the result is.