39920 Slows machine to a crawl

Well okay, maybe not to a crawl, but it’s seriously crippling: lagging, stutttering etc. App startup is significantly slower for pretty much all apps–where it used to be almost instantaneous in 39900. And if you dare to launch Chrome (browser), you’re in for a world of hurt. This is what “idle” is with Chrome in the background:

I’d say this is due to the new 6.5 kernel.

Machine is i7-1360P-based LG Gram 2023(?) w/32Gs of RAM. No nVidia … stuff:

Screenshot from 2023-09-08 10-22-54

I don’t use Chrome, but I installed flatpak version to see. No troubles for me. The system monitor trace shows CPU usage of starting Chrome and loading this page.

Well, shiver me timbers!!! On a whim, I disconnected the docking station, rebooted, and used the computer without the docking station (a T4 docking station). Whaddya know, computer is as fast and zippy as the wind!! Can you believe that? So i re-connected the docking station, and the computer is blazing fast!

The moral looks to be: when rebooting, disconnect the docking station, and re-connect it after it has completely rebooted!

Now, that’s gotta be a bug of some sort: that did not happen w/39900. Hence it’s a minor issue, as long as you know how to work around it. Anyway, @arjan may want to hear about this.

Do you, @Indy, happen to have a T4 docking station handy to attempt to reproduce this bug?

Just look at it now, with Chrome and everything:

Awesome job, @arjan and the gang!


@Aqua1ung I do not have a docking station. Instead, I have this Open Benchtable monstrosity that collects my desquamated skin cells. :rofl:

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Yeah, I saw that, you certainly got a monster there! :astonished:

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