Docking station-related bug?

Got a bug(?) that’s really annoying: I have two 4K DP monitors connected through a docking station to my CL laptop, currently running CL 38730. Upon reboot, my external monitors are no longer detected, and I have to disconnect and re-connect the docking station in order to detect the monitors. Interestingly, this did not happen with older CL versions (386xx), though I am not really sure what the precise CL version was when this started happening.

Anyone else noticing this?

Here’s one more fact that I discovered that might be useful in diagnosing this: It turns out that if I wait until the “screen” goes blank as per the timeout set in Power Saving Options, the monitors are finally able to be “awaken.” In other words, a succession of events such as going to sleep followed by the moving of the mouse (or any other input event) causes the detection of the monitors.

Well, shiver me timbers! #39430 fixes this!!! Not sure exactly what does it (very likely the new 6.3.9 kernel), but it’s FIXED!!!

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