External monitor stops working after login

Hello everyone. I encountered a problem of external monitor with my laptop. I’m using a laptop with GTX1050 & nouveau driver, and the external monitor is connected to hdmi port of laptop, of which output should be provided by GTX1050. The external monitor works fine on login screen (I can move cursor to it), but after login it stops working. xrandr --query says HDMI-1 disconnected and external monitor entered power saving mode.

Below’s a link to part of xorg.log, external screen seems to be correctly detected (time 46.173), why did this problem occur?

I have a desktop with two monitors if I connect second monitor using hdmi port the same thing happens Clear Linux logs in using second monitor than desktop only shows on first monitor. I have several display ports on my video card and when I changed cable from hdmi to display port on second monitor both monitors work if your laptop has a display port or mini display port change to that port hope this helps. Why it works on display port and not hdmi I have no idea.