Laptom second monitor flickering

Hello everyone. I encountered the problem of connecting a second monitor to my laptop. Starting with the Linux kernel version 4.17, the second monitor began to flickering and show that he is not connected, but the xrandr see second monitor. The model of my laptop is ASUS ROG Gl552VX, processor i7-6700HQ. Please help me solve this problem so that the second monitor works on newer versions of the Linux kernel.

kernel 4.17 is really old. What OS are you using on that system?

I use Clear Linux Gnome 5.3.7 native kernel version.
My second monitor works when I use a 4.14 kernel version. But when I install Clear Linux 4.14, after that I can’t boot into the system. I have tried to disable nouveau driver, but this didn’t help me.
The last version where my second monitor worked well was 4.16.8, after upgrading the monitor has started flickering.
On Windows 10 the second monitor works good, but with intel video driver from Asus website. When I manually update the intel video driver to the latest version, the second monitor starts flickering.