Anomaly CPU performace after a short period of high usage

Hello everyone.
It’s been a week since my laptop suddenly after using the CPU a lot for 10-20 minutes, between 70-100%, (Video-editing, programming, etc) starts to lag even with simply 1 open software.
I’ve started monitoring resources and when I’m not using any programs the CPU goes from 2-5% usage (before I get it over 70%) to 25-50% usage (after I’ve used it).
Also if I compare process usage with CPU usage, the values don’t match on the UI “System Monitor”! While using “top” on the terminal the values of the processes are definitely skyrocketing, more than they should be using.
I can say that the problem isn’t the temperature, it ramin arount 40-50°C, just a fast reboot of system and it resolve, but after 30-60 minute of use it return.
Some idea?

After the start of problem

This is before the problem:

Got similar issue with Brave and downgrading to brave=chrome112 fixed it. Thx @arjan for the guilty part.

So u think the problem is caused by Chrome? Do a downgrade of all Clear Linux is possible?