Software center thinks I'm not connected to internet, but terminal and firefox does?

For some reason the software center doesn’t let me update or install new packages I can search and find them but when I try to install it just says pending. When I enter the update tab it says no connection. I’m connected by wire and it works fine with firefox for example. And as I wrote software center lets me find new apps, but doesn’t let me update. Whats up with that?

This looks like what I had before but it should have been fixed long ago.

Anyway, try typing man stateless and at the end there is a section about network manager, you may try those commands there.

Thanks DocHu. Those commands fixed the problem.

I’m just wondering when did you installed your OS. Because this problem occurred before around April to May when they had a transition from systemd.networkd to NetworkManager. And there were several bug reports on this issue but eventaully they released a hotfix and this is resolved.

I installed it the 17th of May. USB Created the day before or the same day.