Software centre for gnome stuck on pending

When I try to install anything in the software centre it gets stuck on pending installation.

I’ve attached some logs, the thing that stands out are the errors I get for flatpak?

09:44:46:0127 GLib-GObject specified class size for type 'GsFlatpakTransaction' is smaller than the parent type's 'FlatpakTransaction' class size
09:44:46:0127 GLib g_once_init_leave: assertion 'result != 0' failed
09:44:46:0127 GLib-GIO g_initable_new_valist: assertion 'G_TYPE_IS_INITABLE (object_type)' failed
09:44:46:0127 Gs  flatpak did not set error for gs_plugin_app_install

I am in the same situation since few days.
I have KDE update pending.

But [update] buttond does nothing. [Update all] changes to [cancel] and that’s it. No installation. And [cancel] do not work.

Can’t install anything from software center. But swupd works perfectly and cover my needs.

Try opening a terminal and run flatpak update.

I’ve seen a few forum threads on this subject so I created a GitHub issue over here: