Clear Linux cannot connect to Win 10 pc shares after 3.36.2 update

After 3.36.2 update have lost network sharing of windows 10 pc’s on Clear Linux pc but are able to connect to Clear Linux shares on win 10 pc’s?? Any fix for this??

Could you please give more info ?

As far as I understand you can connect from Windows 10 to Clear Linux but you cannot do the opposite ( from Clear Linux to Windows 10) ?
What are you using for the sharing ?
Are you using smb, cifs, Remmina ?

I was able to connect shared windows 10 PC folders and files on my Clear Linux machine using smb.

Than after several Clear Linux updates I am no longer able to connect to Windows 10 using smb?

But I am able to connect to Clear Linux shares Documents and Downloads from Win 10 machines no problem.

See Samba as host Samba as client in Clear Linux docs

I don’t know where the smb logs are but you can check use command line "
smbclient" "in debug mode to see what the problem is.

smbclient -d 10 -m SMB3 --user=USERNAME //

samba client is available as bundle
-d 10 – log level. 10 is the most detiled
-m SMB3 – optional you can skip it.
-user = your user name. If you are using anonymous: “–user=guest -N”
// — remote host

Hope this help.

Thanks for the help this was a Norton virus program issue on the windows 10 computers. It was blocking Clear Linux from logging on to windows 10 shares. Uninstalled Norton and used win 10 defender as virus program now networking works going both ways as server and client.

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