How to make NFS/Samba Network Share on Clearlinux?

I am trying to setup a network share on my Clearlinux desktop that I could access with my Clearlinux Laptop and maybe eventually my Android phone. I have tried to get NFS and Samba working with no luck.

In all of the tutorials I have found online they all require installing nfs-kernel-server, which I cannot seem to find using swupd/flatpak/etc. I would try to install manually if I could find the source code.

I have installed a few programs manually, it’s usually not too hard, although it is inconvenient compared to using package managers like apt that have just about everything, but Clearlinux makes up for that in other ways.

I have tried Samba and for some reason it just gives me an error when trying to start the service (journalctl reports: An ExecStart= process belonging to unit samba.service has exited.). I would like NFS working anyways, but really either one would be fine at this point.

Any suggestions?

There’s some documentation on Samba here:

For NFS server, the nfs-utils bundle has the utilities you’ll need including a nfs-server.service systemd unit.

You shouldn’t have to manually build anything for this.


Thank you. I have nfs-utils installed, do you know how I can create an NFS share using nfs-utils? And that is a good Samba tutorial, unfortunately my Samba service just won’t start for some reason (I’ll work on that) but for now NFS would be just fine.

It should be the same as other distros in that regarard.

  • Create a /etc/exports file (See man exports for details and examples)
  • systemctl start rpcbind.service
  • systemctl start nfs-server.service

For the sake of completeness, I would add;

systemctl enable rpcbind.service
systemctl enable nfs-server.service

So that upon reboot you don’t have to start them manually.