Mounting Samba (Windows Share) mount.smb3

Has anyone noticed that mount.smb3 has changed recently?
I cannot get it work anymore. It was working great until recently.
Around two weeks ago I was able to use the command as follows:

mount.smb3 ///usb-mediadata /mnt/net//usb-mediadata -o user=sbharvey

I would have a password challenge (expected) but the windows share would be mounted on my Clear Linux Server.
The latest windows 10 update came around I thought that was the issue, Remote Desktop Access is now broken with the latest Windows 10 update. However, I tried mounting a
share from a windows 7 host. The mount command did not work their either.

Has anyone seen this problem?
dmesg message:

[87226.119985] CIFS: Attempting to mount //<Windows 7 Host FQDN>/jennifers
[87226.123169] CIFS: Status code returned 0xc000006d STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

I know the password by heart.
There is a related issue having to with the latest Windows 10 update

Does anyone know how to make Remote Desktop Access work again? I thought the issues
with samba mounting and Remote Desktop Access were related, I have been seeing
web postings that that Microsoft has been making their Kerberos authentication more robust. If anyone has any guidance/insight into this issue comments would be appreciated.

I am adding to this thread because I have been able to establish the high level root cause why Remote Desktop access is failing with the July 2023 Windows 10 22H2 update.

I have a Window 10 host running in VMware, I un-joined a samba PDC. Remote Desktop Access functioned up to the latest windows update. I then joined my samba PDC Remote Desk Desktop failed, this is after doing all of the gpedit on the localhost, i.e. adding.
<Domain?>\Remote Desktop Users to the local Windows Host Policies.
Note: My Windows 7 Windows client still has Remote Desktop Access.
The samba version I am running and have been running for some time:
samba --version
Version 4.18.1

I want to inform the Clear Linux user community there is lot of Samba-Bugzilla activity on the Remote Desktop Access, and mount.smb3 / issues. See this link:
15418 – secure channel faulty since Windows 10/11 update 07/2023 (

When the smoke clears on this issue the Clear Linux distribution will need to get the latest source code from Samba - opening windows to a wider world

The current version of samba that is delivered. in Clear Linux is 4.18.1