Clear Linux OS desktop UI to adopt a more vanilla GNOME desktop environment

It’s really difficult to install the themes. I tried software center, paper themes are available but nothing happens after installation. I followed the instruction as mentioned in this thread: Update Theme ClearLinux download the themes from github and compile etc. But got only themes in appearance but no paper themes in cursor. Those appearance themes also dark or light only. While trying those themes I think there was a bar in the top right of window before min max icons, now gone for ever. Also I had to install dev-util package, which is not removable now, saying two packages are using it.

I am really missing those blue color icons and windows. There should be an easy option to install themes.

Try this:

git clone
cd paper-icon-theme
meson "build" --prefix=`$HOME/.local`
ninja -C "build" install

Did this do the trick?

I simply don’t need to install themes so I don’t know.

lalit@ClearLinux~/paper-icon-theme $ meson “build” --prefix=$HOME/.local
bash: /home/lalit/.local: Is a directory
The Meson build system
Version: 0.54.1
Source dir: /home/lalit/paper-icon-theme
Build dir: /home/lalit/paper-icon-theme/build
Build type: native build ERROR: prefix value ‘’ must be an absolute path

I gave the absolute path it’s working now. Thanks.

It looks like you may have missed the backticks in your first attempt.

` $HOME/.local`

should expand to a full path.

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As of 6/15/2020 Clear Linux gnome desktop slowly but surely has become a shadow of what it started out to be forget the themes it’s all the other little things, we get it, time to move on for me.


When Clear Linux got rid of the old look and feel, I switched over to Ubuntu, but I want to come back. I’ve been looking at the instructions for how to install the old theme/icon set but none of it works for me. Are those commands all I have to type? I want to old dock back with the old icons. I’m sorry if this is all super obvious to you, but I’d really appreciate some help.

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You have to be a Linux programmer to revert back to what gnome started out as per there instructions and even then you have a good chance of failing. Just be happy CL can be installed using the vanilla gnome. They warned users this was going happen to gnome.

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Nothing wrong with CL Gnome, despite my preference for XFCE.

I tried following the instructions to go back to the way Clear Linux used to look, and I could never get it to work.

I gave up and switched to Ubuntu.