Clear Linux OS uses 480 MB on an 16Go encrypted swap partition initially created for AlmaLinux OS


I’ve an installation with encrypted partitions for Data, and 3 distros, the last one is Clear Linux OS
Clear Linux OS was installed with the safe installation option and 64MB /var swap and wanted to add an extra 7.9Go encrypted swap partition for CLR_SWAP, but …

During the start-up procedure luks asks me for :

  1. The passphrase of / ( CLR root )
  2. The passphrase of alma-swap ( 16Go encrypted partition used for AlmaLinux OS )

Clear Linux OS detects and uses well the swap 16Go partition , I changed the size of swap to 14Go just to be sure it is really reconized ( manual Swap Off, Resize, close Encryption, move right the partition, open Encryption, manual Swap On ) and reversed to 16Go … Both sizes detected well and still running ok…

Clear Linux OS used up to 480 MB of this 16Go partition swap Partition during swupd repair…
( swupd said : ‘3965 of 3965 missing files were replaced’ )

I’m just wondering :

  • How can Clear Linux OS detect the type of an encrypted swap parition ? or is it only looking at parition name ?
  • Why installing by default an /var swap file small ( 64 MB ) as Clear Linux OS used up to 480 MB just for a check/repair ?
  • What are the risks of having an swap partition bigger than 8 Go ?

If somebody can help…

Best regards,

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