Clear Linux Promo Merch

Which one is your favorite, and why?

Just a reminder, the Clear Linux logo is copyrighted, and can’t just be used by other people at random to sell bags, clocks, mugs, etc.

So, which one is your favorite ?

I liked the clock. But after all, I don’t think this penguin is beautiful.

If the logo doesn’t fit the object, we’ll have to find an object that fits the logo.

A rainbow colored carver pickaxe? :smile:

What about these ones created with stable diffusion? :rofl:


I like the cushion. :smiling_face:


Maybe we can feed the logo to ChatGPT :wink:

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I am intrigued. Are you as excited as I am with the exponential growth in the machine learning arena? Or are you scared about your job being taken away? :grin:


Scared is not really in my book.

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Could this be similar to humans discovering nuclear fission?

More interesting is to ask ChatGPT 4 the right questions about Fusion power and Thorium based nuclear power. Or how to combine both.

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Clear Linux logo, goldified in Egyptian style with Nightcafe.Studio ai.


This is pure gold! :love_you_gesture: