Clear Linux swag

There are several outfits in the US and the EU that produce Linux swag.

Swag in like tshirts, jackets, mugs etc.

Anyone who does Linux usually knows about “Hellotux” and his efforts to produce clothing for various Linux spins.

Most companies gladly license their logo or fontface at no cost. Some have restrictions.

What or who could a request be taken up with to create Clear Linux swag?

Or a tshirt that says “swupd update” or something in that vein. It provokes conversations about Clear that otherwise not take place.

Hopefully, Intel…being a large and very protective of branding doesnt see Clear Linux the same way since it isnt a SKU like a CPU is.

Please advise.

While we have had some t-shirts and stickers made for promotional purposes in the past (mainly for internal use), we’re not planning any engagements with vendors for swag manufacturing at this time. Please let us know about any unauthorized usage of our logos.

I am not aware of any unauthorized logo use. But if you would like to engage someone to do a Clear Linux polo or tshirt, I am sure Hellotux would be interested. He has licenses for many Linux spins globally and does some level of revenue sharing.