Much Love + Question related to OEM

I’m only here to say that I’m loving what you’re doing. :kissing_heart:
It’s a nice distro and I like swupd a lot. It’s definitely harder to forge “foreign” packages but it’s way more clean than other methods.

I do recognize that there are some things to polish here and there but I was wondering if there’s any policy related to OEMs. I mean, suppose I decide to integrate your software in some (Intel based) hardware products, who do I talk with ?
I’m hypothesizing to release a few bundles and wait for approval by the community first, and to integrate a clean iso + approved addons later on. All of this on machines I’m expecting to sell, advertising “how cool this is”. :star_struck:
Can I freely do that or is this going to become a binding contract somewhere in the process?

Thanks a lot for any information you may provide.
Have a nice day!

Sincerely, Adrian.

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Not even an answer? I can read the GPL of course, I just wanted to cut out “the middleman”… :stuck_out_tongue:

But I get it, this seems to not be the place for “legal” questions. Even though we could have had a guide in regards to integration. Even Microsoft has a guide for OEMs that’s publicly available.

I think the team probably don’t know how to answer your question.

Clear Linux is open-sourced and you should be free to modify it and distribute your fork.


Thanks for the input.
Though I’m asking because the default wallpaper states that “Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others”.
HP Device Manager is an example.
If there could be a list of everything that’s “other names and brands” I could avoid searching and checking over some hundred thousands files.

I don’t the license for wallpapers, actually there is no license file there…

I suggest to send your questions to the mail-list. Also, currently your question seems too vague, so I suggest it to

  • Be specific on what you’re trying to do
  • Be specific on what potential issues you are concerned of, and optionally explain why you’re concerned
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Sorry, I didn’t see this thread until just now. I think the answer will be complicated, but I can certainly work with you to understand what you’re proposing and get a definitive word from the engineering team.


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Thanks Chris. I understand your concerns, they’re the same I’m facing.
I’m trying to assemble an UMPC which uses a peculiar 4G LTE device to communicate. It needs a few add-ons and I’m developing a specific software around it. I can easily resell the hardware without any OS whatsoever but it would certainly be less appealing to the general public. I’m willing to make the process transparent and to share more info with the team should the need ever arise but ,basically, that’s what I’m up to.