Hardware with preinstalled Clear Linux

Hi together,

I wish you would make it possible to get hardware with preinstalled Clear Linux that has also official support. Like DELL with XPS and Ubuntu do.


We would love it, but, it’s really up to the hardware manufacturers. Of course, we hope they’re interested in it too.

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They aren’t going to come to Intel and ask for it - Intel will need to go to them and pitch the opportunity. :wink:

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Well yes, but, nothing beats users asking for it!

That only works for TV shows and hundreds of thousands of users. :wink:

I would like the same thing. Windows always makes it problematic to install Linux, my OS of choice.

@znmeb @ahkok agree with both of you, in some points. Someone need to do this step. Would love if Intel would do it, because it could happen faster that way, as they already have Linux friendly hardware. This could be a start of something awesome dream :wink: .

IMHO Intel is unlikely to do something with margins as slim as consumer-grade hardware. Frankly, I’m surprised HP and Dell are still doing that. I’m thinking the best case for Linux on the desktop is going to be the new Linux that’s shipping soon in Windows 10. :wink:

https://simplynuc.com/ seems like a good place to start as they sell NUCs with options for ubuntu and mint already.