Clear Linux repo and Chrome

Hi, Does Clear Linux repo have Chrome browser so I can do 1 click install and would Chrome auto update with system updates?

Clear Linux officially doesn’t support Google Chrome as a bundle. You may use the workaround of downloading a Debian file from Google and extract data file. Someone has made a script for automating this.

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Okay, is there Chromium in the app store or is Chromium on the roadmap to be officially supported?

The easiest way to do this is with the GitHub Greginator:

Do it this way:

sudo swupd 3rd-party add greginator
sudo swupd 3rd-party bundle-add google-chrome-stable

Interesting link; why not proposing Codium instead of VSCode which is also have some mix copyright license ?

Okay, after I install the generator and chrome bundle, will the generator automatically run and update in the background or something?