Chromium in ClearLinux

Chromium support is the only blocker for me moving to ClearLinux. I don’t think the legal restrictions for distributing chromium are bad, there’s many smaller distros that have packages:

Not only do many desktop users prefer chromium, but it’s also faster in many benchmarks than firefox. And applying a few optimizations could make a good business case for management… the Phoronix benchmarks could see big gains!

I can easily compile chromium, and have done so before. But chromium is one of very few software projects with both frequent security-critical updates and long resource-intensive builds.

I’d even be willing to make a little build server and create optimized chromium bundles, but then there’s no way to distribute without making an entire new ClearLinux distro, which no one wants to use (even me).

So will Clear Linux maintainers accept a bundle patch with Open Source, redistributable chromium? If not then I have to wonder about the management and direction of the project. Which is a shame, since Clear Linux looks to be one of the most innovative, secure, and performant distros ever made… something I’d love to be able to use with my loyally bought intel chipset!

You should, if you have it, post the autospec files. We have for a long time discussed adding it, and having a ready-to-merge chromium package would absolutely make that easier to do.

I haven’t played with autoconf very much, but this RPM is good (updated to current version, and compiled with VaAPI)

And the official fedora rpm:

If this .CONF isn’t good, I can try to make a build with autospec, just let me know.

Just wondering if Chromium is any closer to being added as a bundle package?