Clear used up my 350GB SSD

I uninstalled everything unnecessary. Got rid of all the videos and music. Moved the VM’s That left me with 80GB.

I found 34GB of steam leftover? That’s pretty close to every game I installed. I found 3+GB of Wine leftover.

I have 117GB of 233GB now. Where is the rest? Clear system shouldn’t be more than 30GB.

Maybe if I reinstall my USB will work properly again.

Edit After the reinstall USB is still broken. The Opteron drive is back. 224GB left from 233GB with 90% of the software installed.Nautilus works again. It ate 100GB somehow.

I prefer installing the server version (32740 to be exact because it allows simpler login password after installation) then:
sudo swupd update
sudo swupd autoupdate --disable
sudo swupd bundle-add desktop-autostart
sudo swupd bundle-add desktop-kde
sudo reboot

You’ll have a lean, fast system to build up (and bog down).
I add Chrome if I’m streaming (Firefox fails for that)
Asterisk for VoIP


It was lean and fast but it grew really fast. And it doesn’t shrink well. I’ll try the server version.

With pretty much the same software it’s got 224GB left.

You should use tools like du to find out where space is being consumed on your filesystem. If you reinstalled all the same bundles and noticed a size difference, something during runtime is using your space. Clear bundles don’t control areas where program write to your /home directory, like steam and wine.

I’ve had a *nix shell on every computer I’ve owned since I found Ixemul on my A1000 in the mid 80’s and I’m still learning new things I can do with it. Maybe it’s time I RTFM.