Installing ClearLinux on AWS no space to install bundles

I’m trying to deploy CL in AWS and while I do get past the initial install the base install ONLY uses 10GB. And that’s not enough to install all the packages I need.

Loading required manifests...
Error: Bundle too large by 3165M
NOTE: currently, swupd only checks /usr/ (or the passed-in path with /usr/ appended) for available space
To skip this error and install anyways, add the --skip-diskspace-check flag to your command
Failed to install 9 of 9 bundles

I deployed a instance with basic EBS support and an additional 75GB. But the additional disk was not mounted or formatted … so, how to do that since there is no /etc/fstab? What are the best params for that? And since the problem seems to be in the swupd I suppose I need a symlink or two to help the installer.


Create the /etc/fstab file as you normally would, then, either reboot of just mount the filesystem.

I do not recommend splitting /usr onto a separate partition. You will run into other issues and I would suggest recreating the instance with more space assigned to the root filesystem from the start. Please note that AWS also allows you to resize and thus grow your filesystems. A reboot should not even be needed - resizing can be done online.

I was not aware that I could resize the EBS drive so that was great news. Since the installation might still be running during the initial login… one needs to make sure the installer has settled before rebooting… rebooting was necessary because df -h never updated with the new amount.

Adding a drive with fstab might work but the problem is that swupd will still complain about insufficient disk space…

The thing is… the default EBS seems to be 1G and only manual resize is going to work.

THANKS for the tips.

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