Bundle too large by 18446744071604M

$ sudo swupd bundle-add user-basic-dev python3-basic ansible
Loading required manifests...
Warning: Bundle "python3-basic" is already installed, skipping it...
Error: Bundle too large by 18446744071604M
NOTE: currently, swupd only checks /usr/ (or the passed-in path with /usr/ appended) for available space
To skip this error and install anyways, add the --skip-diskspace-check flag to your command
Failed to install 2 of 2 bundles
1 bundle was already installed

$ uname -a
Linux clr-54cfcdb0234d4484b06181098b8f344a 5.17.11-1148.native #1 SMP Wed May 25 07:48:11 PDT 2022 x86_64 GNU/Linux

python3-basic was already installed, and later ansible took 27 MB or so, so it’s probably user-basic-dev.
1 gazillion MB is out of control.

I think that’s a bug in size reporting, user-basic-dev is huge (44.5 gigs or so) but the size reporting is definitely off. I can’t reproduce the error myself though. What fs are you using for /usr?

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It was latest Clear Linux ISO with all default values, I haven’t changed any of those advanced features, just added a non-root user and after it self-updated I tried to add additional bundles.