How do I install sshpass without installing ansible bundle


I am sure bundles are a super idea but when you want to install a single, small, critical linux tool they are just getting in the way!

I want to install sshpass.

I have used swupd search and this is what it tells me:
Bundle ansible (135 MB to install)

I do NOT want ansible. I have no use for ansible. I would just be downloading bloat on to my Clean Linux development box.

sshpass is less than a meg in size (according to the site)

Please help me understand how this is useful. I just want sshpass!



If it makes sense the CL team is usually not opposed to putting software that provides standalone functionality in a more granular bundle. I’d wager no one else has requested it outside of an Ansible dependency so far which is why it’s only in the ansible bundle.

Can you share the use case that requires this? My intuition solves this using private-public keys whenever possible.

My use-case is that I develop web applications on a laptop and use an ssh script to push the artifacts to a RaspberryPi server running as a NAS.

I am on a private network so typing my pw is not an issue.

However I am not really sure that that was the point of my original question! I use Linux because it allows ME to make those decisions, it allows me to do things MY way. If I want to go down the route where my OS vendor constrains me and makes it difficult to install the SW I want to develop with I would use Windows!

Don’t get me wrong, I really would like to use Clear Linux as my primary dev platform. I really like the whole design behind Clear Linux, it is fast, it is clean and I can boot a full OS from a 16gig USB stick, it’s great. But I am spending too long resolving issues that are nothing to do with my project and that’s not good.

A bigger issue is the Flatpak. I have queried this in the past on this blog and not found a general solution, in fact I was not offered any constructive advice.

For example I loaded FIleZilla as a interim solution to shhpass. No good! I cannot tell FileZilla to use my favorite editor, gedit because it it outside it’s sandbox and does not exist in FlatPak space. In fact I cannot get it to use any editor without throwing an error.

Same with VSCode I cannot tell VS code where my Dart bin directory is or my Go bin directory because it is outside the sandbox. It cannot see the environment vars I have set up either. I spent hours trying to resolve this instead of doing development. I am sure I am a better developer for it but I am a lot more frustrated. I had to do manual install outside of swupd and the software app.

Netbeans could not find my JDK for the same reasons. I had to do another manual install outside of swupd and the software app.

I would be all for it if there was a reply when I queried on this forum but instead I spent hours trawling the FlatPak site for a clue. How can you package tools that REQUIRE external resources in a FlatPak, it breaks the functionality.

Sorry but I am reaching the end of my interest in Clear Linux, I have given it a month and I am really disappointed.