ClearLinux crashing my pc (VirtualBox 6.0.8)

I noticed that my PC randomly restarts when I’m running clear in virtualbox, specially when using visual studio code. Last crash was when typing comments using the # character (Shift+3 on my keyboard).

I do not have that issue with other distros, and I do not experience restarts any other time, even after long hours of gaming or during stress tests (I just ran a CPU and ram stress test just to be sure, with prime95). My system is not overclocked, and the Temps are really good (bellow 60 celcius).

Specs: Amd Ryzen 7 1700, NVIDIA GTX 1070TI, Kingston Valueram 16GB, 256GB SSD, 1TO HDD, MSI A320M PRO VD-PLUS motherboard, Corsair Smart Power 650W PSU

The crash is a crash as if there had been a hardware failure, but it happens only in clear, only in virtualbox, so I guess it must be requesting some invalid information to my CPU that makes it go bananas. This kind of crash doesn’t give good crash logs sadly (no BSOD, just a hard reset). I do have a dump file if you need it tho, let me know (.dmp on windows).

Does the vbox.log for the VM show anything useful?

@puneetse I can send you the vbox.log I do not believe it sees the crash comming :frowning:!AiOmmUn0yVsfwU8aW6Gkew2CmgzV