OS freezing consistently when Inkscape is running

So I am running clearlinux on my amd ryzen 7 2700X

I am getting consistent freezes where I can’t use the mouse, keyboard, or invoke a tty and have to force shutdown my computer with the power button.
This started occuring since I installed Inkscape from the software manager (I didn’t install the bundle version, but the official one)
I am getting this issue on both lts and native kernels :

any help would be appreciated.

Why didn’t you install the bundle version ?

I feel like this question has already been answered multiple times but is that recommended? In general, should people prefer bundle versions over official ones on clear linux ?

PS. I am testing with the bundle version right now

The one in softwares center is a flatpak package.
Flatpak packages are not optimised.

I see. I will take that into account.

BTW, I installed the bundle version for Inkscape yesterday and it seemed like the problem stopped occuring.

Both flatpak packages and bundle packages could have bugs.

IMO one main difference between these two are the sandbox nature of flatpak.

  • It cannot access outside files, with only limited exceptions. So flatpak VSCode and other IDE are (nearly) impossible to use because they didn’t see your toolchain.
  • They ship library files within the packege or uses the shared flatpak runtimes library. They are not optimised as libraries in bundles. But in many cases this won’t cause serious performance regression.

Hello again, so this is the third freeze today while Inkscape was running in the background.
It didn’t seem like Inkscape itself crashed.

Anyhow, can software malfunctions even compromise clear linux ?

BTW, the CPU is an AMD Ryzen and I haven’t installed any drivers for my NVIDIA graphics card. Do you think that those could be factors ?

Possibly. I had the same issue on a system with NVIDIA card. Couldn’t get it stable without proprietary drivers. Of course if you’re trying to do anything special with that card your gonna want the NVIDIA drivers anyway.

You might want to check this thread:
Bash scripts to automate installation of NVIDIA proprietary driver.