Help with locking up / Freezing

I have had frequent occasions where my laptop becomes unresponsive. Almost daily, the mouse and keyboard would freeze for some seconds and come back in 10 to 20 seconds.

Several times, I have had to hold the power button to force the computer to turn off. This is almost daily occurrence.

For a moment, I thought google-chromium-stable (installed via rpm2cpio) was the cause but tonight I was intentionally not running chrome browser. Normally, it has happened when I’m ready to quit working and go to bed. Tonight, I was in the middle of verifying an application list in a spreadsheet. I was working in google sheets, so no data loss. But it did interrupt my train of thought.

There are lots of details about my AMD Ryzen 7 laptop in this thread asking how to fix boot up delays.

Thanks in advance for help - I’d really like to solve this problem,

Is there any patterns when that happens? Does it freeze when you’re actively using your laptop or when it wake up from sleep?

While actively using. I’m not really into doing the wake up thing, I prefer shutting down.

One time (total lock up) was definitely while scrolling. I’ve got a logitech M705 that can freewheel and I’ll use it to quickly go top to bottom of pages. That routinely makes all inputs freeze for short times. I have a keyboard and the M705 plugged in to the laptop. When inputs freeze, along with the attached K&M the onboard keyboard and touch pad also don’t work.

It’s typical problem for Ryzen on Linux, not sure if solution exists now.

Ah dang. Fiance told me to change my linux. :stuck_out_tongue: Going to go with kubuntu minimal. Will keep an eye on Clear though.

Installed kubuntu 19.04 and haven’t had any freezes or lock-ups. Two days with handfuls of hours would have gotten a stutter or even a lockup in Clear.

Boot up was minute:30 … Disabled a bunch of crap and am under a minute, so more-or-less comparable to Clear. Clear is still 2x faster shutting down at 4 seconds instead of 8.

Been on Kubuntu for two weeks. I had exactly one lockup: I was browsing a development server’s webpage and I did a var_dump() on an object which had recursive classes. I didn’t stop the page fast enough and it lost its mind.

So, no, sorry, I’m not buying that “other distros” are as unstable as Clear was for me.

Try this

On some devices the Laptop freezes randomly (e.g. when surfing on Youtube). A workaround is to set these kernel-options: idle=nomwait rcu_nocbs=0-7

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Thanks! Tips like this help me want to come back. I already miss Clear. Kubuntu might let me get work done but it’s not as exciting - especially the windoze like boot time. :smiley:

OH! doct0rHu any change you could look at my boot time thread?
Help fixing pause in boot up + startup services


I’ve no idea about that problem

Always check / update BIOS firmware, and tweak BIOS settings, before anything else.