Random system freezes

Maybe someone has seen this… it is my first time encountering a system freeze like this.

I installed CL to an Intel NUC via the server ISO. I then add a desktop-lxqt, lightdm, basic gui stuff. At random times, the NUC totally locks up, it will not even ping. As far as I can tell, the NUC becomes totally frozen. It will not respond in any way, other than to physically power it off… by pulling the power.

My first thought was a hardware issue. So I tried a second NUC, same issue.

Edit: I should add that I have not experienced this issue when installing via a desktop ISO.

Unfortunately, these issues are very difficult to debug. You can try to inspect journalctl -a after restarting the system, attaching a serial console, etc…

The best advice is to check for BIOS upgrades and apply any that are available. As for hardware support, I honestly don’t even know where one would go… oops :frowning:

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