Random system freezes

Maybe someone has seen this… it is my first time encountering a system freeze like this.

I installed CL to an Intel NUC via the server ISO. I then add a desktop-lxqt, lightdm, basic gui stuff. At random times, the NUC totally locks up, it will not even ping. As far as I can tell, the NUC becomes totally frozen. It will not respond in any way, other than to physically power it off… by pulling the power.

My first thought was a hardware issue. So I tried a second NUC, same issue.

Edit: I should add that I have not experienced this issue when installing via a desktop ISO.

Unfortunately, these issues are very difficult to debug. You can try to inspect journalctl -a after restarting the system, attaching a serial console, etc…

The best advice is to check for BIOS upgrades and apply any that are available. As for hardware support, I honestly don’t even know where one would go… oops :frowning:

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Intel NUC8i7 with CL also freezes sometimes. Also no ping possible to the machine anymore. No other console with keys Alt-Ctl-F2/F3 possible. Only hard power-off.

With Fedora it freezes at least once a day. This damaged file system with loss of data.

Then changed to CL. With CL less freezes. Not daily anymore. Yesterday rearranged Gnome application menu. Suddenly it freezes. No ping anymore.

With CL display gets black regularly once a day for 5-10 seconds, but NUC not freezing. It’s not a complete loss of video signal. Signal indicator/LED on monitor remains blue. Yellow when NUC is off.