Where are Kernel Panics stored?

My NUC (I posted specs here) is shutting down mysteriously and I can’t find anything in /var/log. No kernel panics, nothing in the journals (I checked all of them!).

I’m guessing that DDR is corrupt and CL is crashing, but I can’t confirm this.

Anyone has experienced this? I’ve exhausted all the places I thought I could find useful information in. :cold_sweat:

Hmm, try a syslog or maybe follow journals journalctl -f over ssh remotely while attampting to replicate the crash?

The similar experiences I’ve had were due to nvidia driver errors, which can happen on any system.

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also make sure your power supply unit and power cord are both good. a bad power connection should be ruled out first.


I tried journalctl with no luck but doing it over ssh with -f seems like a good option. Thanks!

Seems basic but you’re right. Thanks.