Kubernetes cluster on Clear Linux

Today I installed CL on an old NUC5i5RYB to practice K8s at home instead of paying the hefty bills from AWS, GCP or others. Bills add up rather quickly and I already paid for my Linux Foundation CKA Certification LFS258.

It took me about 1 hour to install and it takes this old NUC about 2 seconds to reboot. Two seconds! :open_mouth:

These are the specs of my NUC and I’m planning on setting up another 3 computers to add to my cluster:

With the awesome performance I understand why most of the posts in the community’s General Discussion focus mostly on Desktop, but I’d like to start a thread on this topic. The only post I’ve found is below. Any reply here is appreciated. :relaxed:

The cloud-native bundle has worked really well for me. I personally wouldn’t recommend any non standard distros such as minikube, k3’s or microk8’s. At least not on CL. I also use microk8’s, but on ubuntu, rhel and arm devices.

There are some useful scrtipts and setup examples here:

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