Install CL on NUC 10th gen

Hi all,

first things first - sorry for my bad english. Hope someone will understand… :slight_smile:

Yesterday i bought a Nuc10i5FNK2. The Intel Website says it is only supporting windows 10 for this.

I already installed clear linux on it, but the questions is: Will windows 10 maybe faster? Will all drivers work?

If yes, should use this distro for a homeserver? Or better a ubuntu?

Next question is: I installed virt-manager but cant choose efi. Already saw a error on GitHub. Any chance to use virt-manager with efi as workaround?


It is up to you. Windows 10 is officially named for compatibility and support reasons. As you’ve found, Clear Linux works just fine (many of us have NUCS with Clear Linux at work).

The virt-manager efi path is still an open bug as far as I’m aware. Follow the GitHub issue for updates on that one.