Is anyone using Cloud Control?


I’m interested in trying Clear Linux as a cloud orchestrator. Is there an easy way to get this set up for a newcomer?

I see a lot of what appear to be disparate bundles - the one I thought most closely approximated what I wanted to do is cloud-control, but I can’t find any discussion about it, nor a description page (beyond like a 1-sentence blurb).

A look at the bundles / packages in cloud-control makes it appear more like an AWS controller, is this something I can use for running containers locally? Does it use awscli for local containers?

Is there an swupd that includes a more modern container API than docker? e.g. kubernetes + containerd?

Is either kubevirt or virtlet available on Clear Linux?

Thanks for taking my questions!

Hi there, i am guessing you are looking for cloud-native-basic bundle which contains all the packages you need to run kubernetes with containerd.

Thanks for helping with this!