Install only kubectl without bundle

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First of all, sorry if this post hit wrong category.

I’m using Clear Linux* Project as a destkop - I’m Java/Go developer. I run into situation where I need to install kubernetes and minikube to make some local app development for kubernetes.
I saw that kubectl is available in cloud-native-basic bundle, but do I really need to install whole bundle? I just want to install minimu setup as described by kubernetes tutorials (that is, kubectl and minikube) just to run it on single node (virtual machine).
Could you please point me to the right direction? Are other packages in cloud-native-basic bundle are ok to be installed (I would like to keep my system as clean as possible)?

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Not on my clear machine currently so I can’t test, but kind is a great way to have disposable clusters:

This was worked perfectly for me in the past with clear and is nice and disposable, when you’re done you just throw the docker containers away. In many (but not all!) cases it can a drop in replacement for minikube or running the k8s pieces via package management.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Hi there!

I did some digging, and finally installed kubectl and minikube (I’ll use minikube using Docker) without installing bundle cloud-native-basic, by just installing binaries in swupd-safe directory: /usr/local/bin