Coming Soon: Improved support for non-EFI boot and update?

Improved support for non-EFI boot and update

Are there any links with updates on non-EFI boot as i couldn’t find anything with searching the forum or Google?

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This is still something that’s slowly in progress. The installer still won’t work without UEFI right now. Once we deem that all the bits are in place and that is addressed, then maybe we’ll change our “supported” status and update documentation.

One thing to keep in mind is that we currently support AWS which requires non-UEFI boot. However, you don’t use or need the installer to boot that. That is the reason why this work is being done - we know people rely on this working and we want to make it more robust and feature rich in the future.

After i posted i found a link at reddit that said syslinux will be the preferred method , i didn’t realize the syslinux project was still going.