Lack of EFI firmware

I am running VMworkstation 15 I have the iso booted up.
however when i try to install I get “Failed to find EFI firmware”
Any hints?

When I change the bios option to Boot with UEFI the iso will not boot

Please follow

Clear Linux OS needs UEFI support to boot.To enable it, add the following line to the end of your VM’s .vmx file:

firmware = "efi"

Running: clear-29520-live-desktop from USB. Tried to install and got the same message. So that’s it for today. However the good news is that Youtube videos are playing out of the box. I would have installed Clear Linux if I could.

So if my BIOS doesn’t have UEFI available, no clear linux for me?
Note: System76 laptop, about 4 years old.

Is it runnning coreboot or linuxboot?

Trying to figure that out… Bios is American Megatrends Inc 4.6.5
Not sure on how to check coreboot or linuxboot

Trying to figure that out… Bios is American Megatrends Inc 4.6.5
Not sure on how to check coreboot or linuxboot

Proprietary Legacy BIOS :frowning:

So that makes it a nogo then. Well the live image seemed real nice. Will try again someday when I upgrade PC

I found a firmware update…to say the least it was a pain. I had to install it with freedos on a USB stick…but it’s done and I’m installing Clear Linux as I type

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I finally installed ClearOS today but it doesn’t boot properly. The way I had to get it started was from an Ubuntu-Budgie persistent USB stick that I have. I’d like to try to use it and test it, but the problems related to UEFI make it extremely annoying. I have to try several more times to figure out what the boot behavior is.

One aspect of Clear that I do not like is the lack of a proper menu. I don’t like having to guess what to type into a search box. I don’t know if that’s how Gnome is or not. I haven’t really used it. Personally I think Clear would be a lot better if it was a KDE Plasma distribution. If not that it should be be more like Budgie. I read somewhere that someone thought Intel should hire Ikie the developer of Solus to work on this. I’m just not sure where this reinvention of the wheel is going to lead. Right now there are many little annoying issues. It’s quick, but far from easy to use.

Fortunately, Linux has many excellent desktop environments. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees which one is best. Just like many other distributions, we chose GNOME as the “default” desktop and offer the other ones as installable bundles. This isn’t done because we love GNOME, but it’s done because it’s most widely used, supported and feature rich (Of course, even that is debatable, I know, but various online statistics support this).

If we had chosen a non-mainstream desktop environment, we likely would have gotten many people say the inverse of what you posted - we can’t ever win over everyone that way. Hopefully the Plasma desktop works well for you.

I won’t argue with you about the choice and later I found that the waffle menu brings up an Android style menu of the installed apps. Plasma is not without issues. It’s complex, and not intuitive to configure. On the other hand the overall look and feel is very pleasant and I would believe the most appealing for people coming from the monopoly OS. When I boot up Clear again, I’ll have to look for the Plasma bundle. The question I’m asking myself now is what is is the exact goal of Clear? What is Intel attempting to achieve with it? I think if it came on a machine pre-installed it would have more appeal. Presently people who have used Linux for a long time, but who are not schooled experts, find it confusing to install. There has to be a comfort factor with the user interface, and presently that is lacking. I don’t wish ot be overly critical because I applaud the effort, but is Clear something that is actually worth the trouble? Presently it doesn’t seem to be. I have to change my SSD card to boot into it. That means popping the back off of my computer and fooling around with a tiny screw could be easy to lose. When I got back to my Plasma desktop yesterday evening it felt much more comfortable. You should know I used Gnome II for many years and was OK with it and moved to Mate when they started fooling with Gnome III. For me, Gnome just doesn’t feel modern. I’m a bit skeptical of online statistics that support it being the most feature rich. I think a lot of people ran away from it some years back, and a huge amount of effort has been spent attempting to create a good alternative. I suppose Clear has to be mostly driven by market research. But one thing I noticed was a lot of statisticians were off on Trump’s win over Hillary, but some ordinary people I met who just had simple street smarts were confident that Trump would win. They based their prediction on gut feelings. My gut feeling is Gnome will not be appealing to most newcomers, unless it has an added traditional looking menu. It seems like a new car where you can’t find the horn button or headlight switch.

Sorry for my poor english,but i cannot understand you,what is the real problem?CL have KDE,Gnome,XFCE,Awesome,pick what you like ,you have a choice.

Thanks. I’m very new to it. Finally got it installed just yesterday. There is a lot to learn about it.

I’ve talked a little bit about this in our last meetup event. Since there are videos online, I would recommend watching them: (