Como puedo instalar mystiq

hello guys I know that there are many video converters, but this is the best one for me, with which it worked best, I would like to know how I can install it in clear linux, just like megasync I still have not been able to install it if there was a simple way to install the programs we like would be very good…

I would recommend handbrake from flathub, since that’s most easily installable and just works.

I have already used it and I do not know why but it does not transform the formats that I need so for me it is very difficult to work with it

Because of the issues with codecs, we likely can’t include Mystiq anyway, so you’d have to compile it from source, or wait for a flatpak, or someone to add it to a 3rd-party repo.

What are the third party repositories? which one can i install and how can i install your package that comes in zip format?

Greetings Have you not tried to use the MystiQ AppImage in ClearOS?

@Alexis0071 See our swupd 3rd-party guide on how to start creating and sharing 3rd-party bundles. We have a category on the forums for people to list their 3rd party repos, but note that the Clear Linux project does not assume liability of any kind for use of 3rd-party bundles.