Install megasync

hello guys,
how to install megasync desktop from
i have try install with download rpm file and run command

rpm2cpio megasync-*.rpm | ( cd /; cpio -idv)

but not working.

I’m not sure, but it seems that the stdout of pm2cpio is piped to the subprocess, where you wish the first command cd takes it and entered the directory. But I think cd does not take input and neither it yields output.

for rpm in megasync-*.rpm ; do rpm2cpio $rpm | ( cd /; sudo cpio -idv ); done
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You can also build from source per the instructions in their README:

There is also an open idea to add Flatpak support for Megasync. You might want to +1 the issue if it’s important to you:

Try using rclone. I believe it supports mega already: