Run Intel DC SSD tool on Clear Linux

Hi, first of all, I play with Clear Linux this weekend and I definitely love it! One thing I little bit puzzled - how to deal with apps not listed in bundles or App Store, and distributed in form of .rpm or .deb packages. Specific example: Intel® SSD Data Center Tool (Intel® SSD DCT)

How to port HW utils for Enterprise Linux distros (RHEL, SUSE, Ubunty) to build your own Clear Linux image for HW management (fw updates, configs, validation and benchmarking)?

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That’s covered in the mixer-tools documentation, as well as on the documentation pages.

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This isn’t Open Source, so, you can’t compile it and it doesn’t meet our package inclusion guidelines.

However, it’s distributed as a zip file that you can just download, extract, and there’s rpm’s and debs in it. The rpm can be extracted with rpm2cpio, and then it’s just binaries that seem to work. Not a very user friendly way to distribute binaries, but it works.

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I’ve checked the both options:

  1. rpm (mixer-tools) fails on the following:

$ rpm -ifv isdct-3.0.24-1.x86_64.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
/bin/sh is needed by isdct-3.0.24-1.x86_64

  1. rpm2cpio scenariofails on isdct_config.xml file absence (assume, it’s generated during rpm setup):

$ isdct show -intelssd
Error: Invalid or corrupted configuration file: /etc/isdct/isdct_config.xml

Finally, I’ve just created new bundle request:

I already stated that we can not make a bundle for this tool - it isn’t Open Source.

try with --nodeps flag