Defining keyboard layout

Querty keyboard not available for my native language Oriya. It’s an Indian language, only normal layout is available, which is difficult to use.

Is it possible to define a keyboard layout in linux? I couldn’t find anything from google. If possible please share the information.

I could define in Windows.

If you are new to Linux, consider other distros.

Thanks for the quick response. I’m not new to linux. Using it from many years. I have no problem using other indian languages like hindi.
I am looking for a qwerty keyboard layout, which is not available for my native language. Not available in the Ubuntu disto also. Qwerty mean, if I type ‘l’ in english keyboard it will write equivalent letter e.g. “la” in my language. But it is typing ‘ta’ in the current layout.

It is available for Hindi, but not for my language oriya.

m17n is likely to have your input method:

BTW maybe m17n is already available in CL.