Keyboard Layout problem : Luks = Good Layout | Login = Bad Layout (US default) | Logged = Good Layout |

I’m re-installng all my previous CLR and New ones because of the non-destructive encryption,
so Great !
Most of my computer have French(Switzerland) Keyboard

  1. I’m using clear-36010-live-desktop.iso Live USB,
  2. I select French(Switzerland) Layout on general Gnome Setting of the Live USB before install,
  3. I make an classical Installation with :
  • Safe Installation
  • Enabled Encryption
  • French(Switzerland) Keyboard Layout

At reboot :

  1. Luks = Good Layout | Encryption password contains French(Switzerland) chars and it is OK |
  2. Login = Bad Layout (US default) | I use ‘?’ to obtain ‘-’ , … |
  3. Logged = Good Layout | everything is OK |

How Can I set the correct Layout Keyboard on Gnome? boot ? Grub ???
I tried to change the Langauge / Country … to French(Switzerland) the same PB.

Thanks for Help,
Best Regards

Something Funny
If I lock my station the Login has the good Keyboard Layout French(Switzerland) :smile:

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Great ! It works perfects !
Thanks for the solution ( and such a Nice way to present it … It seems better to be a Swiss-Italian :innocent: )