Login keyboard layout is Not matching the root/user keyboard layout

I am in Quebec Canada and my keyboard is a model pc105 with French Canadian Layout.

At the login prompt, the keyboard layout is USA standard. I have been trying to change it by redoing passwords, or via terminal mode. But it has not worked.
During the installation, at the appropriate point, I did specify the Canadian French layout.

I think that the problem is an old Debian bug, where I must default my system language to Canadian French, and then re-choose the keyboard layout, and then revert back to Canadian English.

what is the output of localectl ?

gdm follows the x11 keymap not the keymap set in gnome.
you can set the x11 keymap to French Canadian with:
localectl set-x11-keymap ca pc105 fr
you say you have tried changing it via terminal mode. have you tried this ?

I will be trying it at the very first occasion, (after supper).

This has not worked for me.
localectl set-keymap ca pc105 fr as both root and as normal user (me).

Let me clarify what is the problem

  1. Boot ClrLinux

  2. Prompt appears with my logonID
    my password begins with # as #myPassword001

  3. The login screen does not recognize the #myPassword001, it seems to be stuck on a USA English layout. That is, #myPassword001 needs the Super 3 for # and then the rest once logged in, is fine.

  4. Again, once logged in, with terminal mode or with GUI inteface, for root and non-admin user (me) the keyboard layout is correct.

is at the correct position

Any other ideas?

I have no problems with Fedora, SUSE Ubuntu. The same problem, though, occurs with popos.

you need to replace set-keymap with set-x11-keymap
set-keymap sets the console keymap. gdm uses the x11 keymap wich is set with set-x11-keymap

The set-x11-keymap ca pc105 fr did not work.
I will forego trying to solve this issue, as once logged into CLR, the proper keyboard layout is presented.

System Locale: LANG=en_CA.UTF-8
VC Keymap: cf
X11 Layout: ca
X11 Model: pc105
X11 Variant: fr