Desktop Not responding?

Hi my fellow linux users. Today I distro hopped over to clear linux to check it out. Verry interesting and cool concept. Only my only problem is that I cannot seem to use the desktop. I can’t right click to create folders on the desktop for example. When I open the terminal and cd into desktop after trying to mkdir a directory in my desktop folder. It works when I ls it shows the content I have just created only that it does not seem to show up on the desktop. I’m looking forward to an explanation!

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This is the expected behavior of Gnome 3.
You can nevertheless enable desktop icons via gnome extension.

Single click install. Just search “desktop icons” in software.


i have found the extension however the shell version is lower then the shell version which clear linux is currently running. Version 3.36.2

I’m just going to try the 3.34 shell version which is lower them my current version.
i suppose every 3. version is compatible with each other? none the less i am just going to try it out with hope of not breaking my clear Linux installation thanks for all the responses

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